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Housing, Land Use and Transportation update 8/22/14

Land Use

AB 1147 (Bonilla) – Support 
As amended on August 20, 2014

AB 1147, by Assembly Members Susan Bonilla, Jimmy Gomez, and Chris Holden, would recast the California Massage Therapy Council and restore the ability of local governments to regulate massage therapy businesses in local communities. Specifically, the measure we change the composition of the Council’s board to include, in addition to existing representatives from CSAC and the League of Cities, a representative of the California Police Chiefs Association, a representative of an “anti-human trafficking” organization, and a local or state public health official, among others. Importantly to counties, the bill restores local land use authority to regulate massage businesses and provides that cities and counties can adopt and enforce local ordinances governing zoning, business licensing, or reasonable health and safety requirements for massage establishments.

CSAC supports AB 1147 because it ensures that the California Massage Therapy Council prioritizes public safety over its other functions and restores the ability of local government to impose reasonable regulations on the massage industry. These provisions should prove helpful in local efforts to eradicate illicit massage establishments.

AB 1147 is on the Senate Floor. 


AB 1720 (Bloom) – Request for Signature
Enrolled on August 13, 2014

AB 1720, by Assembly Member Richard Bloom, would extend by one year the exemption in current law that allows transit buses to operate over state weight limits, until January 1, 2016. Further, transit agencies would be able to continue to procure overweight transit buses under specified circumstances until January 1, 2016. This bill was a negotiated solution with the California Transit Association, CSAC and other transportation stakeholders. The extension is necessary to allow the completion of a national study of issues surrounding overweight transit buses, the findings of which will be critical in the development of a permanent and cost-effective solution to this issue.

The Assembly concurred in the Senate amendments to AB 1720, and it was enrolled on August 13. CSAC is requesting the Governor’s signature on the measure. 

SB 1151 (Cannella) – Request for Signature
Enrolled August 20, 2014

SB 1151, by Senator Anthony Cannella, would impose an additional thirty-five dollar fine on specified violations within zones posted with school warning signs and signs indicating increased fines. The additional fine revenue from these violations would be allocated to the Active Transportation Program for the purpose of school zone safety projects. Counties, along with cities and public schools and districts, are eligible recipients of Active Transportation Program grant funds to improve safety around schools and promote alternative transportation options.

The Senate concurred in Assembly amendments to SB 1151 and it was enrolled on August 20. CSAC is requesting the Governor’s signature on the measure.

SB 1183 (DeSaulnier) – Request for Signature
Enrolled August 21, 2014

SB 1183, by Senator Mark DeSaulnier, would allow until 2025 a city, county, or regional parks district to propose to the voters the imposition of a surcharge of up to five dollars on each vehicle registration to fund the construction or maintenance of paved or natural surface bikeways or trails, as well as bicycle parking infrastructure. The bill would provide a new tool to fund off-road bike paths, which currently lack a stable funding source.

CSAC will request the Governor’s signature on the bill, as it provides a potential funding source for several types of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure that are vital to creating a complete multi-modal network, but which occasionally have proven difficult to fund and maintain under existing revenue sources. 

The Senate concurred in Assembly amendments to SB 1183 and it was enrolled on August 21.

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