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Housing Legislation

 AB 1537 (Levine) – Request for Signature To Engrossing and Enrolling on August 22, 2014

AB 1537, by Assembly Member Marc Levine, would create a pilot project allowing Marin County and certain cities within the County, to move to a suburban default density to demonstrate that they have zoned an adequate amount of land to accommodate their respective shares of lower-income housing under the Regional Housing Needs Allocation Process. The pilot would last through 2023 require the jurisdictions to report to the Department of Housing and Community Development and the Legislature regarding the development of affordable housing under the suburban default density.

CSAC has requested the Governor’s signature on AB 1537.

AB 1690 (Gordon) – Support To Engrossing and Enrolling on August 22, 2014

AB 1690, by Assembly Member Rich Gordon, would allow local governments that are subject to a rezoning program under housing element law to accommodate their very low- and low-income housing needs on sites designated for mixed uses if those sites allow 100% residential use; and requires that residential use occupy 50% of the total floor area of a mixed-use project. CSAC supports the bill because it provides counties the opportunity to use the rezoning program process to complement other smart growth policies.

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