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Legislative Analyst’s Office Releases Fines and Fees Overview Handout

February 7, 2019

The Legislative Analyst’s Office recently released the Overview of State Criminal Fines and Fees and Probation Fees handout. The handout was presented to the Assembly Public Safety Committee at their Informational Hearing on the Financial Implications of Criminal Justice Fines and Fees held February 5th.

The handout provides background information responding to common questions regarding both criminal fines and fees and probation fees.  Additionally, the handout defines criminal fines and fees as fines and fees typically levied by trial courts upon individuals convicted of criminal offenses which include traffic violations.  A definition of probation fees is also included in the handout and is defined as fees levied by counties on probationers to cover probation-related costs.

Lastly, the handout includes charts and graphs that explain how criminal fines and fees are assessed; how fine and fee levels have changed over time; how fine and fee revenue is distributed; who benefits from fine and fee revenue; how probation fees are assessed; and the total amount of fees charged to probationers. To view the full handout, please visit: https://lao.ca.gov/handouts/crimjust/2019/State-Fines-and-fees-Overview-020519.pdf.

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