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More Counties Sign MOU as State Issues Second Clarification

March 25, 2021

The California Government Operations Agency (GovOps) issued a second clarification letter to counties yesterday (March 22) to add additional clarity surrounding the inclusion of existing providers in the new statewide vaccine effort and flexibility in adopting the MyTurn statewide registration and data system. With these additional clarifications beyond the March 16 letter, roughly half of all counties have now agreed to sign the MOU.

The March 22 letter clarifies three points that may not be apparent in the text of the March 12 MOU:

  • Affirms that all local providers in good standing will continue to receive vaccine as the state transitions from the current county-led local allocation system to the statewide Third Party Administrator model.
  • Allows local health jurisdictions (LHJs) and vaccine providers to transition existing registration sites to the statewide MyTurn system “at an appropriate time, consistent with adding requested functionality to MyTurn” and reiterates the state’s commitment to providing onboarding support and addressing identified concerns.
  • Promises sufficient functionality in MyTurn to allow LHJs to maintain “closed pod” vaccination structures and allows delays in transitioning to MyTurn “until such a time as Agency and County agree that adoption of the MyTurn platform will not hamper these clinics’ vaccine distribution efforts.”

GovOps is hopeful that these clarifications address county concerns and has asked all counties to sign the MOU by March 31.

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