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New Cannabis Legislation to Watch in 2018

February 15, 2018

The last day to introduce new legislative measures is Friday, February 16th and legislators have introduced a total of 14 cannabis-related measures in the final year of this two-year legislative session.  CSAC staff expects to see more measures in the next several days that could include a reduction to the state excise tax and legislation dealing with tribal cannabis issues. CSAC will continue to monitor all cannabis-related legislation and track a variety of cannabis measures as they move through the legislative process. At this point, there are four measures that will be of particular interest to counties.

AB 1863 (Jones-Sawyer): This bill would allow for California cannabis cultivation businesses to deduct business expenses in the calculation of personal income tax starting in January 2019.

AB 2020 (Quirk): This bill would allow for local jurisdictions, including counties, to apply for a temporary cannabis event permit from the state and would allow for local jurisdictions to hold cannabis events at a location that has been approved by the local jurisdiction.

AB 2058 (Chau) This bill would require law enforcement agencies to report the number of arrests made for driving under the influence and to report arrests where cannabis is suspected to be an impairment to the California DMV.

AB 2164 (Cooley) This bill would allow local governments to write ordinances allowing for cannabis cultivators to have a reasonable time to correct non-emergency code violations prior to being fined or subjected to administrative penalties.

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