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New Medi-Cal Continuous Coverage Unwinding Dashboard

August 10, 2023

Earlier this week, the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) published a new interactive Medi-Cal dashboard detailing statewide and county-level demographic data on Medi-Cal application processing, enrollments, redeterminations, and renewal outcomes. In addition, DHCS has created a dedicated webpage with the files on this data.

After three years of waiving annual Medi-Cal redetermination requirements due to COVID-19, the Medi-Cal eligibility review process restarted for Medi-Cal members with a June redetermination month. According to the dashboard, nearly 15.6 million members are enrolled in Medi-Cal as of June 30, 2023. During the month of June, Medi-Cal received 143,069 new applications for coverage, 53,836 individuals became newly enrolled in coverage for the first time, and 97,806 new applications are currently in the review process in county offices.

Roughly 1,051,400 Medi-Cal members were due for redetermination in June 2023. More than 81 percent returned their renewal packets or completed their renewals through federal electronic sources. Twenty-one percent of June redeterminations were disenrolled for not returning necessary information, or for being determined ineligible.  However, Medi-Cal members who were disenrolled in June have until September 30, 2023 to return needed information to have their coverage restored. DHCS projects a 17 percent June disenrollment rate after the cure period, which is lower than the pre-COVID-19 disenrollment average of 19-20 percent. DHCS will report the final June disenrollment rates in October.

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