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New Resource for High-Needs Children and Youth

June 6, 2019

The California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS), the Departments of Developmental Services, Health Care Services, Rehabilitation, Social Services, and the California Department of Education have prioritized improving the coordination of the “Systems of Care” for high-needs children and youth at all levels of engagement.

For the past year, CHHS has engaged with stakeholders, including CSAC and several county affiliates, to review best practices with the ultimate goal of successfully improving the delivery of services to California’s most vulnerable children and youth. The implementation of AB 2083 (Chapter 815, Statutes of 2018) has also supported this effort. This bill, sponsored by the County Welfare Directors Association and supported by CSAC, required increased coordination among both county and state agencies for the provision of services to foster youth who have experienced severe trauma.

The working group has released their first coordination improvement project, “System Profiles.” The system profiles provide information on eligibility criteria, denial and appeal processes, program interactions, information sharing and referrals. The current system profiles include the following:

The initial work from CHHS, the state departments, and stakeholders is key to the state and county goal of improving delivery of services and outcomes for children.

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