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Led by Supervisor, Zach Friend, the Criminal Justice Council of Santa Cruz County (CJC) conducted one, if not the first in the nation, report providing a comparative snapshot of key policies and procedures established by county law enforcement agencies. The purpose of the report was to highlight consistencies between the local law enforcement agencies in Santa Cruz County and where there are opportunities to improve. The report can be found here: https://www.scsheriff.com/Portals/1/CJC_FINAL_111821.pdf

The CJC – which includes every Chief of Police in the county, the Sheriff, District Attorney, Chief Probation Officer, Public Defender, County Superintendent of Schools, President of the local Community College, the Superior Court, County Behavioral Health Director, local non-profit leaders, County Supervisors, and local City Councils – have historically prioritized preventing youth involvement in gangs.  However, this past year they shifted their focus on broader change. Through their remarkable collaboration, law enforcement partners and the community in Santa Cruz County are bridging the gap by reviewing use-of-force policies at the regional level and engaging in public discussions regarding the findings. The CJC report provides an example for other counties to replicate, demonstrating the ability of a diverse group of stakeholders to effectively convene to improve relationships and outcomes between the broader community and public safety partners.    

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Ryan Morimune at: rmorimune@counties.org or Stanicia Boatner at: sboatner@counties.org.

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