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Office of Planning and Research Offering CEQA Traffic Impacts Webinars

January 29, 2016

The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) announced that it will host two webinars to discuss its Revised Proposal on Updates to the CEQA Guidelines on Evaluating Transportation Impacts in CEQA (Implementing Senate Bill 743 (Steinberg, 2013)), released on January 20, 2016. OPR notes that registration for each webinar is limited to 500 participants. Each webinar will be recorded, and the same material will be presented in each. A recording of each webinar will be available for viewing on our website following the live presentation. Accordingly, OPR asks that participants register for only one webinar to maintain space for others who may be interested in attending:

February 1, 3-5 pm

February 9, 3-5 pm

Once you have registered for one webinar or the other, please ensure you have GoToWebinar installed on your computer before the webinar starts. Also, if you register and are unable to attend, please cancel your registration to make your space available for another attendee.

In each 2 hour webinar, OPR will:

  • Describe the context and need for the proposed changes
  • Describe the proposed changes to the CEQA Guidelines
  • Describe the contents of the draft Technical Advisory
  • Provide case study examples for various project types
  • Provide time for questions and answers

Additional information regarding the revised proposal is available on OPR’s website.

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