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PACE, Renewable Bills on Energy Agenda

March 8, 2018

Several bills have been introduced this session that impact local governments’ ability to generate renewable energy and California’s Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. SB 1087, in particular, makes several impactful changes to California’s PACE law. CSAC wants you to hear from you. How might this legislation impact your county in the areas of net energy metering or PACE? If you have feedback or comments on the following proposed legislation, please email Ncronenwett@counties.org

AB 2077 (Limon): Would allow local governments that produce one megawatt or less of energy through a renewable source to become eligible for standardized net energy metering contracts and tariffs with electrical utilities or large corporations.

AB 2150 (Chen): Would require the Commissioner of the Business and Oversight to include a report about PACE assessments granted by use of the emergency or immediate necessity waiver within the annual reports he or she is required to prepare.

SB 1087 (Roth): This bill would:
1) Require PACE program administrators to develop a written process for the enrollment and cancellation of enrollment of PACE solicitors and solicitor agents that must be acceptable to the Commissioner of Business Oversight.
2) Require PACE program administrators to ensure they are using underwriting guidelines specified in the California Code of Regulations that are used for the PACE Loss Reserve Program prior to granting a PACE contract and require the use of an automated value assessment tool
3) Require a Program Administrator to make a reasonably good faith determination of the property owners ability to pay the annual PACE obligations.
4) Require the Commissioner to include all PACE assessments that were funded and recorded in his annual report.
5) Would require Program Administrator to protect personal information of PACE customers.
6) Would allow the Commissioner of Business Oversight to issue a stop order against PACE Solicitors or Agents without exhausting the administrative process if they have grounds to believe the solicitor or agent is acting in an unsafe manner or injurious manner and allow for the publication and dissemination of PACE solicitors or agents who have had to stop due to investigation.
7) Would apply all of the above provisions to finance lenders, mortgage loan originators, or broker licensees if they engage in the business of a program administrator, PACE solicitor, or PACE solicitor agent.

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