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Public Comment Opens on Cannabis Regulatory Changes

Last week, the Department of Cannabis Control released proposed changes to current regulations. The release of the text on March 4 marked the start of a 45 day public comment period. The substantial changes would affect all parts of the cannabis industry including cultivation, distribution, manufacturing, and retail, and are intended to streamline and simplify regulations. In addition, it would make permanent several emergency regulations that are slated to expire. If approved, the changes will be effective starting in the fall of this year.

Among the changes, the proposal would: allow retailers to continue to offer curbside delivery, extending a pandemic-related exemption; increase the value of goods delivery drivers are permitted to carry at one time; allow manufacturers to submit the weight of the full harvest, as opposed to individually weighing each plant; and permit retailers to sell non-cannabis food and non-alcoholic beverages on site. The proposal would also make changes to cannabis events by allowing goods to be displayed by anyone with a license and loosening restrictions on which retail employees can staff events. Many of these changes are also being pursued by various bills in the Legislature.

Public comments must be received by April 19, at 5 p.m. The Department of Cannabis Control includes a public comment template on their website. Submit your comment to DCC:  

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