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Request for Comments on Transportation Bill

February 5, 2016

ABX1 16 (Patterson) – Request for Comments
As introduced on August 31, 2015

ABX1 16, by Assembly Member Patterson, would create a five-year pilot project whereby two counties, one in northern California and one in Southern California, would assume responsibility for the state highway system within the county, including funding programmed for the maintenance and improvement of those state facilities.

The bill provides an incentive for counties to participate by allowing any savings on the projects to maintain or improve the state facilities to be allocated to priority local projects that fit within the guidelines of the funding source. It is unclear how any cost overruns would be handled.

Counties would see their maintained centerline mileage increase from a low of about 4% in San Francisco City and County to a high of about 93% in Orange County if they were to assume responsibility for the state highways within their borders.

The author’s office has asked for CSAC’s feedback on the measure, including soliciting counties that may be interested in participating in such a pilot program. We would appreciate any comments or expressions of interest in participation that counties may offer.

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