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Several Housing Bills Also Still Pending

July 28, 2014

In addition to the ongoing transportation funding issue—for which special session bills are still alive—and the Governor’s “by-right” housing proposal, CSAC’s Housing, Land Use and Transportation policy staff will continue to engage on a variety of bills in the final month of regular session.

Second Units

CSAC is seeking amendments to narrow the scope of two bills related to permitting residential second units (accessory dwelling units). SB 1069 (Wieckowski) includes problematic timeframes for issuing permits and overly broad prohibitions on local parking requirements, while AB 2299 (Bloom) would currently require all agencies to adopt or modify their second unit ordinances (current law allows the applications to be approved under standards in state law without a local ordinance). On the other hand, CSAC continues to support AB 2406 (Thurmond), which creates a voluntary statutory framework for approving “junior second units” within existing homes.

Affordable Housing Incentives

On the affordable housing front, CSAC removed its opposition to AB 2501 (Bloom) after negotiating amendments. The bill previously would have imposed a process that was unfairly permissive to developers of projects with affordable housing seeking local agency concessions under the density bonus law. CSAC has expressed concerns with AB 1934 (Santiago), which would create a new program similar to density bonus, whereby local agencies would have to offer mutually-agreeable incentives or concessions for commercial developers that include affordable housing in a mixed use project or financially support an affordable housing development off-site. We are likely to take a formal position on the latter bill prior to legislative action in August.

Housing Development Subsidies

Finally, on the issue of affordable housing funding, CSAC continues to support AB 2817 (Chiu), which would increase affordable housing tax credits and the CSAC Executive Committee will consider a position on SB 879 (see page 149), Senator Beall’s proposal to authorize the issuance of $3 billion in affordable housing bonds. While CSAC supports additional state investment in affordable housing, we understand that the Governor will likely continue to tie any new general fund support, including the potential expansion of tax credits, to legislative approval of his “by-right” housing proposal.

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