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Transportation Legislation

SB 785 (Wolk) – Request for Signature To Engrossing and Enrolling on August 27, 2014

SB 785, by Senator Lois Wolk, would recast existing design-build statutes for purposes of eliminating inconsistencies and consolidating present statutory authority as well as extend the sunset date on existing design-build authority and reduce the project cost threshold to projects that exceed $1 million.

While counties had concerns about the bill’s requirement that in order to be prequalified or shortlisted, a design-build entity must provide an enforceable commitment to the local agency that the entity and its subcontractors will use skilled and trained workforce to perform work on the contract, CSAC found that the benefits of the continued use of design-build with a reduced project threshold outweigh our concerns regarding the skilled and trained workforce.

CSAC has requested the Governor’s signature on SB 785.

AB 1720 (Bloom) – Request for Signature Chapter 263, Statutes of 2014

AB 1720, by Assembly Member Richard Bloom, would extend by one year the exemption in current law that allows transit buses to operate over state weight limits, until January 1, 2016. Further, transit agencies would be able to continue to procure overweight transit buses under specified circumstances until January 1, 2016. This bill was a negotiated solution with the California Transit Association, CSAC and other transportation stakeholders. The extension is necessary to allow the completion of a national study of issues surrounding overweight transit buses, the findings of which will be critical in the development of a permanent and cost-effective solution to this issue.

The Governor signed AB 1720 on August 22.

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