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Vaccine MOU Clarification Released  

March 18, 2021

The California Government Operations Agency (GovOps) issued a clarification letter to counties considering or that have signed the state/county vaccine MOU yesterday. The clarification letter ensures that counties have an equal seat at the table for recommending providers to the state’s Third-Party Administrator (TPA) and may continue to distribute vaccine doses to county-supported sites.

  • The MOU can be downloaded here.
  • The March 16 MOU Clarification letter can be viewed here.

The Administration agreed to clarify two key parts of the MOU:

  • The letter clarifies that vaccine allocations to non-county, non-MCE providers, will be based on joint recommendations from both Blue Shield and local health jurisdictions. In addition, the letter clarifies that Blue Shield is required to concurrently send vaccine allocation recommendations to both the GovOps Agency and local health jurisdictions. This cements the role of counties as a partner in identifying key providers within each community once the TPA is up and running.
  • The letter acknowledges that a county, with consultation and approval from GovOps, may continue to use its discretion to distribute portions of vaccines to county-supported sites. This acknowledgment modifies Paragraph C of Section 2 within the MOU.

For counties that have already signed the MOU, no additional action is needed. The state issued the clarifications in the hopes that it will assist counties in reviewing, approving, and implementing the MOU as soon as applicable.

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