CSAC Bulletin Article

Vaccine Update

February 25, 2021

Counties, like the rest of the nation, continue to grapple with severe vaccine shortages, waiting on doses delayed by last week’s Midwest storm and forced to place vaccination clinics large and small on standby.

The California Department of Public Health is attempting to distribute the dosed received by California in the following manner: 70 percent of each county’s allocation is determined by the number of residents aged 65 and older in the county, while 30 percent is adjusted based on the number of workers in the following eligible sectors: food and agriculture, education, and emergency services.

CSAC continues to raise concerns about the Blue Shield third party administrator (TPA) and statewide My Turn implementation. Top issues include adding “geofencing” capability to MyTurn to allow only residents to access a county’s supply – at least as long as vaccines are scarce and equity needs to be enforced, contract language from the TPA to the counties, and data accuracy.

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