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CSAC Board of Directors Votes to Support Governor’s Initiative

Today the CSAC Board of Directors voted to take a support position on Governor Brown’s ballot measure, the Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012, which guarantees funding in the state constitution for vital public safety programs realigned from the state to counties in 2011.

“From the day Governor Brown took office he has been working toward ensuring counties have the resources and flexibility necessary to serve the 38 million Californians who depend on us,” states Mike McGowan, CSAC President and Yolo County Supervisor. McGowan continues, “By supporting the Governor’s initiative, CSAC joins the California State Sheriff’s Association, the Chief Probation Officers of California and a rising chorus of citizens and organizations who see this as the only reasonable, balanced and long-lasting solution to California’s budget problem. It is also the only measure on the 2012 ballot that constitutionally protects funding for local public safety and other services that were recently realigned.”

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