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2011 Realignment Behavioral Health Base Set

September 22, 2016

After nearly two years of work, the funding allocation percentages for each county’s 2011 Realignment Behavioral Health Subaccount Base have been set. CSAC worked with the Department of Finance, Health and Human Services Agency, Department of Health Care Services, and the County Behavioral Health Directors Association to set this permanent base for 2011 Realignment Behavioral Health services.

The new base amount for each county is derived from a series of new factors, including Medi-Cal enrollment (based on a monthly average) and historical Managed Care allocations. This last factor proved to be a late-breaking problem, as all parties had originally agreed to use actual Managed Care claims from 2013-14. However, using claims data that originated from the year of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act proved to be an unreliable measure of a county’s actual costs and would have resulted in significant losses for many counties. CSAC and CBHDA worked to communicate our concerns with these swings, and we are grateful to the Department of Finance for their decision to “stop the presses” last week on a base with wide swings based on managed care claims and to instead use each county’s historical Managed Care allocation.

Despite the managed care factor fix, five counties would have still experienced a more than 15 percent decline in their allocation in the current year. The solution was to redistribute a small portion of the funding that is available after each county receives the full share of funding based on the methodology’s factors. This is a one-time adjustment for those counties to mitigate loss of more than 15 percent in the current year. This augmentation will become part of each county’s base moving forward.

The new base also incorporates the “rolling base” concept, whereby each county’s 2016-17 base amount serves as the starting point and any growth revenue will be added to each county’s total allocations received for that fiscal year. We are pleased that the new base is built upon allocations previously received by each county under the “temporary base” and that the base will incorporate base revenues plus growth revenues moving forward.

The new 2011 Realignment Behavioral Health base allocation percentages for each county are available on the CSAC Website.

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