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Behavioral Health 2014-15 Growth Funding Sent to Counties

October 27, 2016

Counties are receiving their portion of $117 million in 2014-15 Behavioral Health growth funding this week.

The one-year growth allocation formula for 2014-15 revenues is based on actual claims from the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) and Drug Medi-Cal programs through June 2016. The first call on the growth money is directed to counties that spent more than their 2011 Realignment base allocation on these entitlement services. The remaining funding is distributed to all counties based on their average monthly Medi-Cal enrollment.

The State Controller’s Office began disbursing the 2014-15 growth funding on October 20; to see the allocation schedule, click here.

Please note that the above methodology is intended for only the 2014-15 growth allocations; CSAC is continuing discussions with the Department of Finance and the Department of Health Care Services on determining a methodology for 2015-16 growth and possibly through 2017-18. It is also important to understand that sales tax revenues are performing below estimates, especially in the last quarter of 2-15-16, and thus the amount of growth funding available will likely decrease in the coming years.

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