CSAC Bulletin Article

HHS Bills of Interest

June 23, 2016

Data Collection

AB 2425 (Brown) –Oppose
As Amended May 31, 2016

AB2425 would require the Department of Public Health (DPH) to establish burdensome state data collection and uniform standards and protocols on unintentional injuries. While CSAC understands the importance of collecting and analyzing unintentional injury information, this information is already collected via different sources and reported to the state, and may ultimately affect emergency site workload for firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs. CSAC currently has an oppose position on AB 2425. 

Foster Children

SB 1336 (Jackson) – Oppose
As Amended April 14, 2016

SB 1366 would require counties to assess and consider for placement any relative who comes forward during the time a child is in family reunification, even when a placement change is not being considered. CSAC is also concerned about the increased workload that SB 1336 would create for counties and currently has an oppose unless amended position on SB 1336.

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