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No Place Like Home Financing Bill Moves Forward

The bill that contains the financial framework for the new No Place Like Home program passed off of the Senate Floor yesterday with a vote of 37-0 and the Assembly Floor today. Last week’s bulletin contains more detail on the contents of AB 1628. CSAC continues to remain engaged as No Place Like Home is further fine-tuned and finalized.

CSAC supports AB 1299 as it moves to Senate Floor

After a detour to the Senate Committee on Rules, AB 1299 by Assembly Member Sebastian Ridley-Thomas is moving to the Senate Floor for a vote. CSAC supports the bill as amended, after nearly two years of working closely with the author and sponsors to arrive at a policy solution that will ensure timely mental health services for foster or probation youth who are placed out of the county of original jurisdiction with little or no state costs. The author and sponsors, the California Alliance of Child and Family Services and the Steinberg Institute, incorporated many of CSAC’s suggested amendments into the August 1, 2016 version of the bill, including important criteria for exceptions to the transfer of jurisdiction and revisions to the original fiscal language.

AB 1702 (Stone) Signed by Governor – Key Protections for Foster Youth

Yesterday the Governor signed AB 1702 by Assembly Member Mark Stone. AB 1702 recognizes a gap in dependency law related to family reunification efforts by adding a situation where the parent has knowingly participated in or permitted the sexual exploitation of the child to the list of reasons that a court may forego reunifications. Providing this protection to foster youth who have suffered from sexual exploitation at the hands of their parents or guardians is crucial. It is for these reasons that CSAC supported AB 1702 and is pleased that the Governor signed the bill.

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