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More HHS Bills In/Out of Suspense

August 11, 2016

The Suspense Is Over – Or Is It?

The Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees met on Thursday to decide the fate of scores of bills in the purgatory of the dreaded Suspense File. As with this time each year, you win some and you lose some, but the work will continue right up until each house adjourns on August 31.

The lead article of this week’s bulletin discussed the major bills that CSAC was tracking throughout the hearings earlier today, but several other HHS-related bills were heard in the Appropriations Committees.

Several bills that CSAC opposed also failed to pass out of the Appropriations Committees this morning, including SB 476 by Senator Medoza, which would have significantly expanded the number of organized camps local health departments would be required to regulate.

CSAC will continue to work on addressing concerns it has on SB 1466 by Senator Mitchell which was passed out of the Appropriations Committee with amendments to no longer require mandatory specialty mental healthcare for foster children and to make trauma screening eligible under EPSDT.    

And, as mentioned above, even those that died today might come back in another bill, so it is not over until August 31.

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